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Mauna Loa Cedar Homes can ensure the Quality and the Design of your new Hawaii Cedar home... So you wont have too! Read about the Experience

Have you ever wanted to live in your own custom designed Hawaiian home, but the process from conception to move-in seems to much to handle?

Let Mauna Loa Cedar Homes help you realize the dream of building your New Custom Cedar Home!

Since 1981 Mauna Loa Cedar Homes has been providing quality cedar homes to Hawaii. We understand building on the Hawaiian islands. Hawaii has very specific building practices and requirements. Whether implementing very site specific Home design or providing building packages for a rugged Hawaii terrain building environment, or incorporating self contained on site sewage and water handling systems, we have the experience and know how to guide you through the design & building process.

Mauna Loa Cedar Homes offers Design and Pricing consultation to help you with the decision making process. We are an independent Dealer for Pan Abode Cedar Homes, a world wide leader in the systemized custom cedar home market. Pan Abode Cedar Homes offers several building systems to meet your budget and aesthetic desires for your Hawaii kit package home. Our systems can easily be designed to accommodate your needs and your site requirements. Experience how Pan Abode's professional design expertise, quality building materials, completeness of packaging and buying power can provide you a beautiful cedar home in Hawaii.

Mauna Loa Cedar Homes is a licensed Hawaii Home Builder. We work directly with you to zero in on your budget and aesthetic needs to bring you a pleasurable, cost effective design and build experience. We build on all the islands and possess extensive resources with local labor and jurisdictional contacts to make building on the islands a rewarding experience. We source your structural building packages off island from Pan Abode Cedar Homes to ensure quality and completeness.

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Custom remote home by Mauna Loa Cedar Homes

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The Mauna Loa Cedar Homes Experience ...

1. Design a home package derived from one of our plans, or custom design a home package to suit your aesthetic needs. We provide architectural services with the sale of our building packages because we know our customers expect it. We work with you to pick the best building system and configuration to meet you individual budget, aesthetic, and building site needs.

2. Define the materials used to construct your home and provide a guaranteed estimate initially, contract after adjustments are complete. This allows you the customer to more accurately plan the cost of your project. (Published prices for material packages are based on a structural "dryed in" material shell. We can easily add or subtract)

3. Prepare Highly detailed Construction plans and documents. Material use sheets, and assembly instructions on how to construct your home.

4. Manufacture and consolidate your package home materials. Control quality of materials, inspect, wrap, organize, and prepare your materials for shipping. Beams and exposed elements are quality controlled and wrap protected to ensure premium finished assembly.

5. Shipping coordination is scheduled for maximum use of onsite storage, scheduling for efficient labor dispersion, and for site delivery issues depending on remoteness or building site accessibility. Our systems are consolidated on the mainland, and then shipped to the islands.

6. Provide technical support before and after delivery to ensure correct finished assembly. The hallmark of any good business comes right down to how you are treated, and the quality of the customer service you receive.

Our building packages are perfect for individuals desiring to control the cost of their custom home, or an owner/builder wishing to act as his own general contractor. PAN ABODE and Mauna Loa Cedar Homes will provide all materials required to build your custom building that we design for you.

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Building Systems: click here

Mauna Loa Cedar Homes has secured specific Home Package specifications to accommodate Hawaii's building environment. All systems we provide utilize Western Red Cedar because of its natural beauty and natural decay and insect resistance. Literally thousands of Pan Abode structures are dotted over the islands with some over 50 years old. All other wood materials used meet Hawaii's stringent treating requirements. Mauna Loa Cedar Homes can custom tailor your building materials to work with any design scheme and your specific needs.

We offer three different kit home packages to choose from. Each encompasses unique style differences.

PHOENIX Timber Building System: Our most popular Solid Timber Wall system that exudes a refined contemporary look.

Classic Timber Building System: Our original interlocking Solid Timber Wall system, is more traditional in nature.

Post and Beam Building System: Our most versatile system. There is no limit to what can be accomplished with this system both structurally and in style. Post and Beam is a sophisticated traditional frame wall system with the unique appeal of our timber building systems.

PHOENIX Timber System

Pan Abode Phoenix Home

Classic Timber System

Pan Abode Classic Home

Post & Beam System

Pan Abode Post and Beam Home

Design: click here

Our systemized approach to building allows you complete control over the quality, design, and budget of your Custom Home. Start the process by choosing the exterior appearance you desire, then pick a floor layout to match your lifestyle and building site. Pick one of over 70 of our standard plans, modify or start with your own custom design. There is no additional charge for being custom, we encourage you to design your home to meet your custom needs. You will work directly with MLCH & one of PAN ABODE's skilled design professionals to work out the details. We will guide you through building site integration and tailor the project to match your budget. When you're ready, PAN ABODE Cedar Homes will produce and ship to your Hawaii site. more

PHOENIX Timber Construction


Classic Timber Construction

Post & Beam Construction

Builder Contractor Services & Onsite Consultation:

Mauna Loa Cedar Homes realizes that the Kit Package home market relies on some one to assemble them. Our customers either assembles the package them selves or employ someone locally to have it done. While a fair portion of our customers do the assembly themselves, most employ Mauna Loa Cedar Homes to put their home package together.

Customers can either employ our contracting services for a full "Turn Key" finished home, or they can save money and become an "owner/builder" and employ MLCH to erect the structural shell for "dry in" and then finish the home on their own. Either way, we are happy to guide our customers through the challenges of building a custom home. We can also give you advice on site placement of your new home..

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