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A Structural Systems Approach to Construction

Thank you for your interest in Muana Loa Cedar Homes. We would like to introduce you to our Company and our ability to create custom wood homes and buildings of quality, distinction, warmth and beauty utilizing building systems provided by PAN ABODE Cedar Homes.

Pan Abode is a quality custom home material systems company. They design and prepare construction plans incorporating state of the art engineered components, I-Beams, Glue-Lam Beams and Timbers. PAN ABODE consolidate the structural materials, cull to meet high quality standards, net cut for efficiency, manufacture components unique to the specified Pan Abode system, and ship to the port of entry or job site for maximum logistical and cost control on the project. They provide only high quality products and components. Many Pan Abode homes and buildings are finished out by builders and owners with "architectural" fixtures, finishes and appliances to create a sophisticated - image environment. You would work directly with local dealer Mauna Loa Cedar Homes & PAN ABODE design specialists and a broad range of products to create new homes or buildings, while gaining buying advantages through Pan Abode's mill-direct suppliers.

Regardless of the size or style, the common denominators of every PAN ABODE project are meticulous design, manufacturing craftsmanship, personal service, product quality, and the beauty of wood. In addition, there are distinct advantages to working with PAN ABODE's structural systems approach to construction:

  • Custom design & construction plans development are included.
  • State of the art engineered components are utilized at our customer's direction.
  • Materials are quality assured.
  • Materials are net or precision sized and grouped for an efficient construction process.
  • Supply logistics are consolidated and managed in a systematic process.
  • Job site savings in labor and time are realized (fewer people, less skill, less time).
  • Job site waste and disposal are minimized (materials net or precision sized).
  • Maximum cost control achieved (material price lock, fewer project variables).

These advantages add up to greater project control, faster project completion, and reduced project finance costs.

PAN ABODE has been creating thousands of high quality homes and buildings, for worldwide sites since 1952. All of these feature wood systems and accents, particularly Western Red Cedar, one of nature's finest building materials. Through those 50+ years we have refined and added to our product line. Today we offer a choice of three primary structural systems and serve a full spectrum of full-time upscale homebuyers, recreational second-home buyers, as well as commercial building projects. PAN ABODE homes have been recognized worldwide for craftsmanship, ease of construction and quality materials. We look forward to the possibility of working with you. We welcome an opportunity to earn your business.

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